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Adco "Original" Rotary Squeegee Cutting Machines
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Adco Rotary Squeegee Cutter, Model A Fully Automatic

Model A Brochure with detailed specifications: pdf icon

Adco Rotary Squeegee Cutter, Model B Semi-Automatic

Model B Brochure with detailed specifications: pdf icon

ADCO logoAdco International developed the “Original” rotary blade squeegee-cutting machine in 1997. Every customer installation reports increased production and exceptional printing results compared to squeegee grinding. Benefits linked to Adco’s squeegee cutter include:

  • Longer durability of the squeegee edge and higher productivity.
  • Quick, clean, repeatable, sealed and precision wet-cut squeegee edge without messy grinding dust.
  • Immediate use after the squeegee is cut…no edge swelling, no resting period needed, no chemical absorption. Squeegee is ready to print immediately after cut.
  • Linearly even squeegee edge for uniform ink deposits, improves fine line resolution, truer color likeness for any screen printing process and the wet-cut seals the edge providing excellent printing results on the most difficult substrates.
  • User-friendly and easy to use with a minimal learning curve.
  • No pneumatics offers less maintenance and associated components
  • No operator skill set necessary. Cuts squeegee in one single pass with precise high quality consistency. Ideal for any screen printing application from simple to the most stringent requirements

The Adco squeegee cutter produces a wet-cutting edge using a rotary blade for all types of squeegee rubber. This “original” innovation is available in two types; Model B (semi-automatic) and Model A (fully automatic). While both models produce an excellent cut edge on squeegees to improve the print quality and durability, Model B is ideal for small squeegees with faster setups in sizes up to 51” (1350mm) and Model A up to 130" (1330mm). The cutter is automatically PLC driven to move the cutting carriage back to the far right hand position for the next cutting cycle.

NOTE: All of the components/parts that determine the quality of the final cut are the same between Model B and A. The B version is packed more compactly to reduce crating/shipping cost.

Adco’s well-proven method of cutting is currently is use around the world, experience consistant quality in your printing today without any hassles.

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