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RH SOLUTIONS LLC is a global industry leader and supplier of award winning Screen Printing machines and exclusive RHUV-SPECIAL EFFECT inks. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with over 20 distributors in North America and South America, we dedicate our business focus on print applications for industrial, graphics, glass, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), touch screen technology, opto-electronics, solar cell, solar wafers, thin-film photovoltaic cell, dyesol, bio-medical, biotech, OLED/Electro-luminescence, health care (diagnostic strips), automotive displays/decals (FIM & IMD), flexible printed circuits/batteries, cell-phone lens, bio-chips, cosmetic bottles/cans/buckets, bat printing, golf club rods, appliance casing, oil filters, engine pistons, engine gaskets, glass carbon for hydro, fuel cell, cold transfers, textile transfers, sublimation transfers, ceramic/glass/enamel transfers (decals), plastic cards, gift card, security cards, bank cards, security documents, hotel keys, greeting cards, packaging, varnishing and spot varnishing.

Driven by 30 years of application experience, RH SOLUTIONS LLC delivers a toolbox of innovative printing products and solutions from international, award-winning manufacturers such as ATMA and SPS, designed to boost your businesses’ daily printing productivity and profitability. With this in mind, our primary business objective is to deliver products that are out of this world - clever; intelligent solutions that help your business compete because they’re not only on-target, but also on-time and a special-effect ink palette that adds more marketability and profitability to any product whether it’s printed, packaged, constructed or fashioned.

Simply put, we’re impacting the future of specialty imaging by changing the way you compete, deliver, and win more print business by bringing print to life.

Our exclusive RHUV-SPECIAL EFFECT ink technology brings print, packaging and products to new life with 20 exclusive, UV curable coatings (finishes) that provide thick film deposit (3D) and texture effects transforming ordinary printed products into the most unimaginable, vibrant and visually compelling products on the market. RHUV-SPECIAL EFFECT inks are unique to the specialty imaging industry because of their superior quality, ink properties and flexibility and, via screen printing, can be applied to nearly any printed substrate – whether its digital, screen, flexographic or lithographic. The applications for RHUV-SPECIAL EFFECT inks are virtually endless including, Print Advertising, Point of Purchase (POP), Greeting/Gift Cards, Labeling, Cosmetics, Catalogs, Specialty Boxes, Braille, plus 100’s more. By adding RHUV-SPECIAL EFFECT inks to all your products, you’re adding impact, marketability and profitability to your bottom line because you’re customers keep coming back for more.

And, screen printing is the one and only method of printing that can produce this type of value-add, superior quality and sparkle – one that will add color to the entire world of print.

We also offer an RHUV-SPECIAL EFFECT ink Sample Book that brilliantly demonstrates the RHUV-SPECIAL EFFECT ink 3D textures, and the many benefits that will change the way you and your customers experience print.

Our Vision:

To embrace the future of the specialty imaging industry by reaching beyond the ordinary; delivering high performance screen printing products and solutions and to inspire your business to become the most productive, efficient and profitable that it can be.


RH SOLUTIONS LLC is globally committed to operating at the highest ethical standards. Our organization provides products and services of superior quality and value that benefit our customers to maintain a productive and cooperative partnership. We develop a complete understanding of our customers and their needs and we make this the cornerstone of the relationship in order to sustain long-term success.

We guarantee a proven track record of expertise, value and commitment with established installations, superior after-sales support, parts and services to ensure that your business optimizes its performance to compete, deliver and win business.

The RH SOLUTIONS LLC organization subscribes to key corporate values and attributes:

  • Deploying high ethical standards, traditions and integrity to ensure your business needs are always met.
  • Delivering superior world-class quality products to improve your businesses’ bottom line.
  • Remaining proactive to professional business concerns by addressing key business needs.
  • Providing environmentally safe technology and products that adhere to strict regulatory guidelines while promoting energy efficient technology including the use of recyclable products and renewable energy.

To accomplish this, we work with partners, our premier international manufacturers, around the globe who share our same philosophy.

Our Partners:

ATMA is the world leader in the field of high end flatbed screen printing systems. Their company philosophy is one of continuous improvement and is ISO9001/ISO14001 certified for top quality and award-wining machinery honored recently with the prestigious National Quality Award from the Taiwanese government this year. ATMA ships over 350 printing units per month for the global market and has peaked out at 560 units/month. They are well known for the highest quality machinery worldwide and they are also the largest manufacturer of screen printers and auxiliary equipment. ATMA is well-known and respected for the highest quality screen printing machines in over 40 Countries worldwide.

SPS and ATMA Agreement on OEM Cooperation Finalized

After cross-border teamwork between SPS® / Germany and ATMA® / Taiwan has developed successfully, the partnership has now concluded to further expand their cooperation. In addition to the ongoing spot.jet project for ink-jet based graphic varnishing equipment, an exclusive OEM contract between SPS® and ATMA has been signed, covering the manufacturing of sheet-fed screen printing cylinder machinery known under The Original SPS STOP Cylinder Principle®.

This “joining of forces” combines the strengths of two partners perfectly complementing one another.

The SPS® range of STOP cylinders is known for its accuracy, speed and long trouble-free life. With 1000+ installations worldwide, SPS® cylinder screen printing machines have been among the first and the leading products in this field for nearly six decades. From day one on, SPS® has been focusing on one-stop solutions for demanding graphic and high-tech industrial screen printing applications.

Kirsten Brast, MD of SPS®, states: “Quality and reliability have always been in the forefront of our company. The OEM cooperation with ATMA will secure this for the future. The company philosophy of ATMA fits perfectly with our own views of quality and innovation. On top of that, the majority of our machinery finds its way to the Far-East today, and it will generate great benefits to have our production and a professional after-sales service organization close to major expanding markets”.

The SPS® core product will maintain its original German identity with a number of defined (protected) core components supplied from Germany - and a team of SPS® engineers closely interacting with the design and assembly teams in Taipei.

Mr. Chen, President and owner of ATMA states: “With the production of SPS® STOP cylinder presses we are able to fully benefit from our most advanced production facility in Taipei with its efficiency and quality focus. We are delighted with this further strengthening of our already existing cooperation. In the past year, our management teams have closely and successfully worked together - and the present extension is a logical step for both parties. SPS® cylinder machines have an outstanding reputation. We at ATMA are proud to be the long-term manufacturing and service partner for this reputable brand”.


The Future – Winning Business and Profits

In today’s economy, there has never been a better time to reignite your business passion for print. By strategically embracing and re-infusing innovation and creativity into the printing process, companies can acquire new consumers and markets outside of the mainstream to achieve even greater financial success.

The most resourceful ‘think outside the box’ businesses that apply value-added finishing, coupled with amazing sensory impact, will leverage a higher return on investment by adding the features that radiate sensation instead of minimizing the cost-per-unit.

The future of screen printing has never been brighter…it remains the all-time most economical and versatile printing method for screen printing virtually anything, offering the widest range of substrates and thicknesses with the broadest selection of ink coatings for color vibrancy and opacity, delivering the greatest visual impact of any printing process on the market, and excellently.

When special-effects become product - profits increase!

We invite you to become a catalyst, join us and change the way you and your customers experience the world of print.

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