RHUV-Coral Special Effects Screen Printing Ink


RHUV-Coral creates unique 3D effects that can mimic many natural surfaces, greatly enhancing the underlying image.

The unique qualities of this versatile product enable you to "carve light" with your designs, quickly and inexpensively creating beautiful finishes.

RHUV-Crystal can be used to create an infinite variety of creative effects, and add tremendous value to your finished product.

Purchase Online:

RHUV-Coral - 1kg container: $41.62 each

RHUV-Coral - 5kg container: $208.10 each

Shipped via UPS at actual cost within the United States.

For international sales, please contact us at 513.407.5399 or sales@rh-solutionsllc.com

Example using RHUV-Coral Ink

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