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About RHUV Special Effect Inks


COMPETE in the global economy by bringing your product to life and make it more profitable.
RHUV Special Effect Inks are UV curable, coatings (finishes) that provide thick film deposit (3D) and unusual texture effects transforming ordinary printed products into unimaginable, visually enhanced products offering more impact, marketability and overall profitability than ordinary inks alone. Twenty (20) value-added finishes are flexible and can be applied with a single pass or multiple applications in the areas you select. You decide how much you want your product to stand out from the competition. Get noticed and start winning more business today.

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DELIVER a superior product to your customer that no one else offers.
RHUV Special Effect Inks are exclusive, sustainable, virtually ODORLESS inks with superior adhesion properties and are versatile because they are applied by screen printing onto almost any previously printed material: digital, flexo, litho or screen. And, screen printing is the one and only method of printing that can produce this type of superior quality and sparkling result. Become a catalyst by thinking outside of the ordinary – impact the entire world of specialty imaging.
The future of screen printing is NOW.

WIN more business.
RHUV Special Effect Ink applications are endless. A perfect solution for: Packaging, Labeling, Greeting/Gift/Credit Cards, Print Advertising, POP, Displays, (plus 100’s more). “Superior product marketing lies within the packaging.” With all these possibilities, it’s a win-win for everyone. By adding value-add finishes, your customers keep coming back for more and your profit margins continue to soar.

So what are you waiting for? … let’s get started.

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